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Hey Beautiful! Welcome to Unique She Is, a platform that was created for women who are not always the best at stepping away to either spend time with our loving creator or even just enjoying a good book and a face mask (I personally like to include a glass of wine🍷😅). I know that with everything going on in the world today our Creator still intends for us to enjoy not just His presence but everything he has created for us and through us.

So! With that being said if you are trying to get a snapshot of what this blog will consist of here it is, LIFE, SELF-CARE, and JESUS🧖🏾‍♀️! It is our job to make sure that there is never a short supply of girl chatting/cackling/face mask wearing – Jesus loving women in the world and this is the space to indulge in such activities, I like to look at it as maintaining the secrete sauce. This is a space were we can talk about the foolery going on in the world and cackle about…..the foolery going on in the world (Lol). We will give light to the good and try to navigate the bad together and when it’s all said and done I pray that this will not only produce a desire to self care (whatever that may look like for you – for some just sitting down to read this blog is a notion towards self care ) but also the eyes to see just how much your creator loves you and wants you to be apart of His master plan.

I’m excited…how about you?😄

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