Quarantine Queen

I’m siting here on what feels like day 3,348 of this quarantine, where I’ve probably only left my apartment a total of three times and I can’t tell if it’s starting to get to me orrrr get to me… I would ask if I was the only one feeling this way but I know for a fact I’m not because I sat on my balcony earlier today and listened to a group of drunk “quarantined” friends sit on their balcony and beg cars to honk as they drove up the street for a whole 45 minutes (LITERALLY). So needless to say, I feel pretty confident in the idea that I’m not the only one missing the hustle/bustle lifestyle before the Rona came and shut it down. At the same time, through all this I’ve been trying to use this time to work on myself, my time with God, and refresh, maybe dust off some things I once out on the shelf that I once enjoyed. Let’s be honest here, how often are we forced to be in our houses because all extracurricular activities have been shut down.

With all that being said I wanted to take some time to give some tips/share things I’ve found to be helpful in taking this time to focus on me so that when society opens back up I’ll have that  “put me in the game coach!” momentum to make an impact on my environment.

First things First….

  • If You Snooze, You Lose…Unless It’s the Weekend

Now I am unashamed to admit when they sent me home to work the first 2-4….5 days ( the first week *rolls eyes*) was clearly a celebratory vacation. I slept in until the last minute, stayed up late, and didn’t wear a bra all week (don’t judge my level of freedom sis). But as the days started running together because I hadn’t left the house I found not only was I getting nothing done but it was harder to focus and pay attention on the job because I was feeling groggy and just overall blah. I started, setting an alarm for 9:00am and even though the goal is for me to wake up by 7:30-8:00, I didn’t allow myself to sleep pass 9:00am except on the weekend. Overall, it’s helped me keep some type of structure in my life. Not to mention helped the dark circles under my eye take a chill pill.

  • We Gotta Get Moving

As we all know this isn’t just for quarantine life but something we should be trying to do as a lifestyle. I’m not gonna sit here and act like I’m any type of fitness guru because the universe knows I struggle with a simple brisk walk (Lol no hype) but I notice without all the extra stuff being offered to run around to not only did I have the free time to work out, but I also needed it now more than ever. I’ve been starting my day off with a glass of lemon water and doing a workout video from Youtube (there are no excuses that could be used not to workout….there are videos everywhere for FREEE) and I try to take my dog nova for a walk every day, she can be just as lazy as her owner some days. The point is we don’t wanna leave this quarantine 20 pounds heavier sis; WE can’t be reintroduced to the world like that. Some apps I use outside of free Youtube videos are Fitbit Coach and the Nike workout app. They are really good for working out from home while the gyms are closed.

  • Less Doritos more….Healthy Stuff

I had spent this first week eating whatever I wanted to and by the following week my face was breaking, I looked like a young adolescent child, and I knew if I kept it up step 2 would be a wrap and step 1 would be nonexistent because the three are clearly connected. And it’s absolutely easier said than done but what I’ve been using to clean up my act is cutting sugars, bread, and alcohol during the week (because what is quarantine without a glass of wine?) and I’ve been using the Zero app to track my intermitted fasting (16:8) and Pinterest to find alternative snacks and easy meals to cook so I’m not looking for delivery. If you’re not familiar with intermitted fasting it’s basically jus limiting your eating to a specific window so you not eating all day, allowing you to give your gut some time to digest, rest, and regroup. It doesn’t specify which foods you should eat but rather when you should eat them. In this respect, it’s not a diet in the conventional sense but more accurately described as an eating pattern, and the Zero app helps keep track of  everything and makes it a little more entertaining for me personally.

  • Don’t Skip the Coffee..

Coffee is life…and that’s on…. period.

And last but certainly not least..

  • Get You Some ME TIME In DAILY.

What excuses have you created not to sit down and give yourself some love? Toss them all out the window sis, there is no better time than now to love on yourself, regain focus, read a book, spend time with our heavenly father, or start creating and putting energy/time into that thing God put on your heart months ago or even two weeks ago that you’ve been too busy to entertain. The world has come to a halt…what better time than now to sit still so you can be refreshed. I have loved selfcare since I was a child and my mom use to wake me up early in the morning to have “girl meetings”. That’s where all the magic happened, we would paint our nails over tea, coffee cake, and magazines. Read our bibles and have lot and lots of girl talk before the boys would wake up, every woman, no matter the age, deserves her own personal “Girls Meeting”. And I understand that even though the world has slowed down tremendously there are still things that call out to us daily, begging for our attention, but trust and believe that during all this God has something he wants to say to you. The world is taking a moment to recover not by choice but by necessity and it’s important that we do the same. One app that I use daily, even before the quarantine, is called the Abide app. Abide is a Christian meditational app with guided meditation on multiple topics. I personally like to use it in the morning before my quiet time with God and at night right before I go to bed. The content is an aid in encouraging and reducing insomnia, stress, anxiety, and more. I highly recommend it.

Overall, let’s make sure we are taking care of ourselves during this time with intentionality #StayHomeAndWashThemHands. And although I’m encouraging you to focus on yourself – mind, body, and spirit, let also make sure that we are lifting the millions of individuals and families that have been affected by all of this in prayer. The jobs and businesses that have been lost, the loved ones who will be missed and the families they left behind. Pray for our countries, pray for our government, and pray that God will protect and guide us all during this time.

“This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.” 1 John 5:14

Much Love,


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