Keep That Same Energy

Keep That Same Energy

We all know what it means when someone looks at you and says, “Keep that same energy”.

And if you are new to the phrase let me go ahead and break it down here for you. If someone is telling you to “keep that same energy” they are basically saying “Don’t switch up, when I pull up” *Inserts I-been-waiting-for-you-at-the-door meme* or if you were treating me one way, playing me to the left, when the situations flips “keep that same energy”. Overall, stay consisted to how you’re feeling even when things change cause “I ain’t mess’n with you no mo”.

And needless to say the culture for a period of time took this phrase and ran with it, I myself always had a good cackle whenever a situation gave me the opportunity to say it and DON’T EVEN act like you’ve never saved something in the archives that you waited for the perfect moment to whip out! (I have no shame!). But recently I was on the phone with a friend and our conversation took the phrase that was created to address someone’s behavior towards us, into addressing the flip-floppy behavior we exhibit towards ourselves.

Let me explain.

We as human beings with all our emotions and the way we process things have a unique superpower of noticing right away when someone has done us wrong. Rather it be by not keeping their word to us, not showing up, or the failure to come through the way we expected or they said they would. However, let us not act like we don’t make promises to ourselves every other day about what we will do tomorrow. There are things that we have told ourselves are important to us and yet we fail to show up for ourselves in that area on a daily.

One thing my close friend said while we were discussing this notion of showing up in our own lives was “our excuses only make more room for our failures”. How many times have we told ourselves that we’re gonna hit that home workout during this lockdown or put away the extra snacks and wine because we’re trying to be done with the extra fluff (I would sit here and act like I’m accepting the fact that it’s just me…BUT I WON’T) or just in general these promises we say out loud to ourselves because they feel good to say in the moment, but then they fall by the waist side because we were just content with having “good intentions”, creating more excuses. Yet, if someone doesn’t show up for us or keep their word, we hold hard feelings? No sis, “KEEP THAT SAME ENERGY”.

How many promises to ourselves have we done away with? How many commitments have we made to being consistent to ourselves and to God that just get thrown out the window because we just didn’t feel like it today or it took a little more will power (that we possess) than we were expecting. And let’s not be mistaken I’m not suggesting that you put yourself in a place that allows people to use you or run up your resources and be out here looking goofy *inserts clown emoji*, no, every relationship in your life should add some kind of value/substance to who you are unless God says otherwise, but I do believe there is something to be said when we stop to take an account for the person we are being to ourselves. No one knows how and in what areas of your life you TRULY neglect you, or talk down to you, the way you do.

But we have to be more intentional about putting a stop to this. You must show up for you.

There is value to be had in not worrying about the people who aren’t keeping their word to you and focusing on making sure we are first keeping our words to ourselves. This notion of doing the work from the inside out, we all want to say we did it, but it’s a lot easier said than done.

I only go on this rant to say that we have a tendency to sell ourselves short and although it may apply to me as discipline in working out or spending time with God, it may apply to you as slowing down, taking time to breathe and process where you are in life, finishing a book you’ve been talking about reading for months now, cutting some people off, or even just working on not listening to the lies about who you are. The list can go on and on but only you know (and I trust that you do know) the area you’ve been falling short in executing.

And I know you may be completely taken back by what I’m about to say but….

I’m no expert…lol

But I do know a man who is *Insert amen corner* and I know that there are things that he points out for a reason. And hear me loud and clear sis (or sir at this point) WHERE WE FALL SHORT HE COMES IN AND MAKES UP THE DIFFERENCE, but it’s our job to be aware of these areas in our lives where we play ourselves and then choose to be a man/woman of our word to ourselves. We all know the saying “practice makes perfect”, we have to do better at taking care of the things God has given us to steward and that includes our mind, body, and spirit. Intentionality.

My prayer for you this upcoming week is that you will ask the Lord to point out the areas of your life where you have struggled keeping the same energy that we put on others who handle us. That through His love he will give you direction and strategy on how to overcome our own devices of self-sabotage and in return give us the grace to focus on what is before us in this day-to-day life we are living, with a level of focus, love, commitment, and understanding that we deserve.

Don’t get caught up in the “coulda-shoulda-woulda” cycle. You are worth keeping the promises that you speak to yourself. You are worth showering your flaws and shortcomings in love and kinds words, trust me, we need no help tearing ourselves down; so, be intentional, show up, and execute the plans that you feel your heart tugging on no matter how big or small they may be. You can’t lose.

Hebrews 12:1-3, Philippians 4:8-9, Galatians 6:9, 2 Chronicles 15:7, Romans 3:23-24

Much Love,


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