Trust in the Lord

With everything going on right now, all the uncertainties of our personal lives and our nation, it’s understandable to be fretful and fearful. We hear what’s going on in our cities and across the world through networks with secrete agendas provoking fear and desensitized social media; all of it piling on top of what we already have going on in our personal life (good and bad) aiding to the worry of tomorrow and the fears of today. And although Matthew 6:34 says “Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” (one of my favorite passages) it seems easier said than done when you look at your life and all the things connected to it that are justified causes to worry. We have all heard “take it one day at a time”, one of the reasons why I love this passage in Matthew so much is because Jesus is pointing out the “why” behind this saying, why is it so imperative that we focus on the today and not worry about tomorrow? Because “today has enough troubles of its own” that need/require our full attention and energy for them to be meaningful – he is giving us advice on how not to carelessly or be unaware of stretching ourselves thin.

Not worrying about tomorrow requires us to trust God with our now, being still within our entire being, trusting him with our future, and with the plans that he has set up for us before our time on earth even began. Proverbs 16:9 reminds us that “We can make our plans but it’s the Lord who orders our steps”  the writer of proverbs reiterates this knowledge in chapter 19 where he says “many plans are in a man’s heart, but the purpose (or plans) of the LORD will prevail”, so in other words we trust God because he has plans for every one of us and in the midst of us creating our own plans, that we naturally tend to fret over, He directs our steps through them all with His gentle guidance.

I say all that to say, I realize that being still and trusting God isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but I have noticed that there are a few things that can help in the waiting (outside of His word and prayer) and they have been helping me throughout this year and I want to share them with you in hopes that there will be something that helps keep your heart content while you wait on your instructions for that next move:

  1. Read a Good Book

There is something about being indulged in a book vs. binge watching T.V. or aimlessly scrolling through social media that keeps you feeling grounded and content. I have been trying to get my reading game up and to my surprise it has actually been a really enjoyable process. I know everyone isn’t a reader, I get that more than anyone, but build the muscle and you won’t regret it. I heard someone say, “No one reads a good book and then regrets the time the spent reading it.” I have never been a true bookworm, but I was determined to pick up more books this year and I have yet to regret it. Next week, I’ll feature some of the books I’ve been reading and my all-time favorite books (double read worthy) for anyone who’s looking for something new to indulge in (Coming soon).

  • Buy A Plant

Now I know everyone doesn’t have a “green thumb”, my mom and I use to chuckle because I clearly had not inherited what I thought was needed to sustain anything! (And I literally mean anything – animals included) but it wasn’t until I moved out and got a space of my own that I realized I needed something living in the space besides myself; I bought my first plant and I have never turned back! I even developed a “jr. green thumb”! After killing a few (or more) plants while getting the hang of it all I realized it wasn’t having the ability to keep them alive that made me enjoy planting (although them staying alive is basically the whole point *rolls eyes*) but having my only little “ecosystem” as I heard someone say, that I personally care for allowing me to have little joys in the slight differences I see that no one else can.

  • Have a Routine in the Morning That Doesn’t Include Your Phone

I cannot reiterate this enough…GET YOURSELF A MORNING ROUTINE! I’ve noticed that during the week I tend to start my day off so much better when I don’t roll over and hop on the phone for conversation, social media, anything – like just leave it on the charger or in the bed flipped over until you have AT LEAST went to the bathroom, had some coffee, and brushed your teeth. There’s nothing you’ll miss within the first 30 minutes of your morning from tending to yourself first, I promise – No regrets.

And Lastly,

  • Get Moving

We all knew it was coming so don’t even roll your eyes… me and my roommate have been trying to stay consistent in the “get moving” area and it’s been a lot easier to have that accountability to workout vs living alone and my lazy self being my only accountability partner (yikes). But this is more important than all the rest and usually the most difficult to do, I’m not going to elaborate too much on it because you already know – go for a walk, get yourself that accountability partner, or find a video you enjoy from Youtube (they’re all free) and play that sucker until it no longer leaves you winded! We have been doing workouts with a youtuber named Chloe Ting and she will get you right with a quick 15:00 (don’t be fooled by the time) check her out! Working out is one of the many physical servings that we give our body and we all have been victims of the consequences from neglecting this form of service.

My prayer for you is that not only will God instruct you in what helps you be still during this season, but that he will help you stay focused on what is required of your energy day-by-day and increase your heart of contentment for what you have and where you are right now. I pray that he will strengthen your ear to hear His instruction and give you the desire to please and align with His will for your life.

You have what it takes to get where you are trying to go, don’t forget to enjoy the journey as he leads you to the destination.

Prayers to the families and citizens in Beirut, Lebanon.

1 thought on “Trust in the Lord

  1. Such great motivational ideas.


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