Strong Finish

It doesn’t take deciphering a full moon and a secrete map from Indiana Jones  to know we’re all trying to move on from 2020. I’m sure I don’t just speak for myself when I say I haven’t been this ready to enter into a new year like I am now in a long time. That never ending feeling of “can we please move on from this or nah?” And lately, even in the middle of all this chaos (mentally, physically, financially) I can’t shake the notion or calling to finish strong.

And I get it, we’re all thinking “how much stronger do I have to be for this to not even be a thing?”, “When can I stop hearing about how strong I need to be when everything sucks??” I know because I feel the same exact way – my close friend summed it up during a conversation where she said “It sucks, to suck”.  I completely get it! But there’s something to a strong finish. It’s the first week of the last month of the year and I wanna challenge you to finish out 2020 strong. And I have good news…Once we get out of this year…..we’re never coming back to it again guys. Show God just how much you’ve really learned in 2020. Lets take this last stretch to show ourselves that this year wasn’t a waste. Traumatic? Yes. Mournful? Yes. Nerve Wrecking, unpredictable, test of faith and challenging? Hell Yeah! But definitely not a waste. 

I know for me personally, there were many things I learned about myself that I had to work through and overcome throughout the year. For example, I learned that I enjoy stuff, I enjoy having everything I think I need in more than one version to pick from on a rainy day. And it was in the year 2020 that I was able to see just how toxic this was (No I don’t watch hoarders… but this behavior would have led to me watching an episode or two). And it’s through this realization that I was compelled to cleaned out/give away a lot of the things I was clinging to for NO REASON. I’ve noticed that once you’ve learned something and it takes root, you can’t just forget it. When I’m falling back into the behaviors that were pointed out as hindering to my growth, assuming the lesson was truly learned, noticing those behaviors triggers the lesson. And you know just how well the lesson was learned if you then check yourself and choose to move differently.  

What has 2020 taught you about you?

Are you moving in a way that tells God you understood that lesson? 

What lesson have you learned throughout this unpredictable, chaotic, and uncertain year that you can apply to this last stretch of December so you can have a strong finish? Was it being brave, speaking up for yourself, patience in enduring rough seasons? Did you learn how to take time for yourself, give a break to your body when it’s tired or ways to relax your mind when it’s restless? Really take a second and think about it. And then choose to finish strong. We can do this. Sadly, in a year where so many families and individuals have experienced a lot of loss, more than what seems bearable at times; I want to say to you that nothing goes unseen by our Heavenly Father. He feels that hurt, that stress, that burden, and His word says that his response to a heavy burden is and always will be “give those heavy burdens to me” (Psalms 55:22/ Matthew 11:28-30) “And then stop worrying about the things that have not happened, because what does that really add to your life?” (Matthew 6:34). God understands hardship, it’s why he sent Jesus. He looked down to earth and said to his angels “chilleee they struggling” and created a bridge so that we can receive help, but receiving is a choice. 

So what does a strong finish look like in 2020?  We hold on to the lessons we’ve learned, make the choice to apply them, move accordingly, and then conquer one day at a time.

My prayer for you as we finish out this week and year is that as you trust God with your needs and the things that burden your heart, He will in turn refresh, regroup, and refocus you. We’re almost done, lets show 2020 who has the last word.

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  1. I was supposed to read this today.
    Thank you. ❤️

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