Who Am I

Hey I’m Erica!

Writer for Unique She Is

I’m Erica, the passionate creator behind the content that I’m hoping you’ve been enjoying. Let’s start off by saying “If. You. Are. New. Here….WELCOME!” (Shout out to one of my top 5 favorite YouTubers HappyCurlHappyGirl).

For this to be a mutual friendship here are a few things about me you should know.

I’m from Cincinnati, hold dear my responsibilities of being a sister, friend, daughter, and child of God. I will binge watch a show in two days or less depending on how good it is and am unashamed when it comes to vocalizing just how much I despise working out as I’m working out (keep your judgement). I also love reading a good book and spending time outdoors with friends. This platform was inspired because I love self-care, morning coffee and Jesus. I also believe that everyone can use more selfcare/love and what better way to love on yourself than putting the phone on DND, grabbing your favorite warm or iced beverage depending on the season, and setting aside time to read this blog *inserts wink*. I love my creator and the time I spend with Him and I ultimately want to encourage you by bringing content to this table that will help you do the same. The goal here is to reflect, refill, and on other days, maybe just cackle with a friend.

Am I an expert? No. Am I on this learning journey just like you? Yes. So let’s walk this out together and enjoy one others company as we walk.

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